Some things you should know about the build process:

We do NOT stock any cages!  We are not a big production facility!  We have one small shop where we build all our cages.  Our cages are built by hand, one at a time, and with the chinchilla in mind.

The current patent pending design we use requires a careful and slow process to ensure good quality and a very nice cage.  We do NOT get in a hurry for anyone.  Potential customers have contacted us in the past asking for quick deliveries and we always turn them down.  If you want a fast built cheap cage then you're in the wrong place.

How long it takes to get a cage to you depends on several factors.  The main one is how many orders are ahead of you which are not complete.  On average it takes a minimum of 1 month from the time you order until the time the cage is shipped to you.  If there are 4 or 5 ahead of yours it can take as long as 2 months from order date to shipping date.  Once you order we will notify you with an estimated completion time.  Please do not contact us after ordering requesting us to speed up your order.  We are not going to sacrifice the quality of other customer's cages or yours just to meet a time line.

A note about refunds: Once you have paid for your cage we immediately start purchasing materials just for your cage.  Therefore there is 20% deduction to all refund requests after 24 hours of payment.  If we have already started building your cage then we reserve the right to adjust any refund request according to the extent of the build.  No refunds once the cage is approximately 80% complete.

We build great quality wooden frame cages and do so by taking our time and paying attention to quality.  We build each cage as though we are building it for ourselves.  You'll love our cages!

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