$350 Rectangle Cage Shipping Details

We ship our cages by Greyhound Package Express. We use Greyhound because they offer the best price for our cages. Other major carriers charge much more, in most cases twice as much as Greyhound.  The only drawback with Greyhound is that they do not deliver to your residence. You must go to your nearest Greyhound station to pick up your cage. However, the savings is well worth that minor difference. Rest assured, we have shipped by Greyhound all over the United States and have never had any problems on either end. Sometimes they are a little slower but most times they match or even beat major carrier's delivery times. Of course we will ship by any carrier you desire so long as you're willing to pay the cost.

Greyhound Shipping & handling for this cage is currently $110.00 and will be added at checkout when using the "Buy Now" button.

NOTE:  To order and use shipping other than Greyhound your MUST fill out our contact form and request special shipping in the comment section.  Do NOT use the 'Buy Now' buttons as they are designed only for Greyhound shipping.

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