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These are several candid and posed shots of some of our chinchillas. We started our herd using top quality chinchillas from highly respected breeders that are well known in the chinchilla world. This helps insure our breeding results in chinchillas of superior quality that can be used for show or great family pets. This also provides us and our customers with offspring that are pedigreed with traceable bloodlines.

While most all chinchillas are timid by nature, when properly handled and nurtured they easily adapt to new owners. All of our kits are hand raised from birth which has shown to result in people friendly chinchillas.

We have almost every color of chinchilla represented in our herd including: standard, white mosaic, black velvet, beige, tan, violet, ebony, pink white, and ebony TOV. Of course, not all are for sale as we have ones dedicated to the improvement of the herd and others that are family pets. To see those chins that are available click here to go to our sales page.

Our chinchilla building is also called “The White Building”, an old family name that has stuck through the years. The building is fully climate controlled which maintains the proper temperatures for the well being of chinchillas year round.

We use several different types of cages. Some are designed for breeding with runs in the back for the male, some are large wire cages with wire bottoms and our newest ones are those we custom build here at the plantation. If you have need of a cage see our Cages page for pictures and more information.



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