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Customer Reviews

While we do pride ourselves in the construction of our cages, instead
of "tooting our own horn" we'll let the customer speak for us:

J.E., Indianapolis, IN - Best cage ever!  I cut away the cardboard and was amazed at what I saw.  The quality and workmanship you put in the cage is just awesome.  Well worth the price.  Glad I found your website.

E.E., Los Angeles, CA - I got the cage yesterday and it is absolutely beautiful. Well worth the wait. Thanks so much.

J.W., Matthews, NC - Wow, what a wonderful cage. Piece of art! I haven't even put Marq in it yet and I just had to tell you that it's beautiful! And it even smells great.  Thanks for having such a great product.

N.A., Wichita Falls, TX - Our little Chinkee is soooo happy. LOVES her new cage.  It is so well constructed and really looks good.  Thank you so much for such a quality product.  I really appreciate all that you did.  I also appreciate all the communication I received from you and answering all the crazy questions that I had.  Anything chinchilla that I may need I will definitely be giving you a call.  Again, many thanks.

R.D., Round Rock, TX - We got the cage, it's awesome! Very happy chinchilla and owner :).  Arrived fine, don't see any damage. He's chewing away on it, but it's probably curiosity.
Thanks, again!

D.P., Mullan, ID - Hey I just wanted to thank you for the chinchilla cage that I ordered from you for my son. It was first class and worth the wait!!!! Thanks.

B.L., New City, NY - This cage is much better than I could ever expect!  I love it, and the 2 chinchillas in it love it!  Don't be surprised if I order another,  he he.

K.B., Mt. Airy, MD - I just wanted to let you know that we picked up the chin cage on Saturday and it looks great.  No damage during shipping and it was very quick and easy to pick up at the bus station.  We picked up our new chin boys on Saturday afternoon and they are really enjoying their new cage.  They are bouncing all over the place.  We are very pleased.  I will be ordering an A-frame cage from you for my older chin later this week.  Thanks very much!  I will definitely recommend you to others as your cage is very well built and the chins are loving it!

S.D., Naperville, IL - I got the cage already today!  It is in perfect condition and looks even better in person.  It's just beautiful.  I appreciate your hard work and timely service.  I would love to do further business with you in the future if the need arises.  Thanks again for the services.  I love the cage!

J.G., Pittsburg, PA - I called greyhound today and picked up the cage after work.  It arrived in good condition, no damage.  We set it up when we got home.  It's perfect in my daughter's room and she loves the cage.  She is one happy young lady.  We had two other cages, a plastic bottomed one that our chinchilla ate through and a metal cage that allowed droppings to continuously fall out from the cage.  Your cage design is far superior.  Thanks for excellent service.  I couldn't be more satisfied.

M.V., Auburn, CA - Great news! I was able to pick up the AWESOME CAGE late yesterday afternoon!  THANK YOU THANK YOU!  I am so very impressed and love the cage.  I am saving my money so I can buy the larger cage!  These cages are great!  I want to thank you for all your help too! Have a beautiful day and you will be hearing from me soon.

R.P., Greenfield, WI - Picked the cage up yesterday with no problems.  We absolutely love it as I expected, you have done an excellent job and I thank you!  Our 2 chinchillas Heath and Phil really seem to enjoy it.


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